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Fishing Update it here!

Hail_loaf a posted May 23, 13
This weeks additions to the server is, a new pirate boat can be found at fortress Tropicana where he will sail you to the newly added fishing platform! With easier ways to obtain squids, and it a perfect relaxing place you and your friends to enjoy some fishing! 

Not only did we make fishing easier but we have successfully engineered rewards for you to obtain at the end of each of the dungeons! Each one contains... Never mind i have already told you to much!

We hope that you enjoyed this update as much as we did making it for you! If there is anything you would want to see build just tell us! And we would love to take your ideas and make it come true!

Yours Truly
~ The Dark Aurora Team
A new crypt has been discovered at the spawn temple! There lies 4 new portals, of the lost fortresses throughout the land. Each one containing hidden secrets for you and your friends to uncover! What secrets does each one hold? Where are they located? and what plunder is hidden? To uncover the answer 
come on over to the Spawn and enter the crypt! We hope that you enjoy this new addition to the server as much as we did making it possible for you to play!

We would love to hear your feedback and any new updates you would like to see we hope to see you next week!

Yours Truly

The Dark Aurora Team   
At the server spawn several portals have been discovered within the crypts.. We want you to help us explore them! What secrets does each one hold? We want you to find out! Wether its playing with your friends, or mining solo we hope that you will enjoy this update as much as we did building it!

From Yours Truely-

The Dark Aurora Team 


QuadSlayer a posted Sep 13, 12
Hello all,

As you may already know we are going to be celebrating a few things, starting with our servers anniversary. Today 9/13/12 and tomorrow we will be celebrating at the spawn. There will be free food and gifts. So come on by and have some fun.


Hail_loaf a i came to the party no one was there..
whizkid1000 Sounds like a blast. It'd be pretty cool if you could have the teamspeak server set up for the event (hint hint win...

QuadCraft Trailer

QuadSlayer a posted Aug 3, 12

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